Condizioni generali

General terms and conditions for the wholesale

Information about the supplier:
Miroslav Gacík – MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
Štefánikova štvrť 534/16
024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto
Slovak republic

ID Nr.: 46797416
VAT Nr.: SK2023581450

Phone:+421 41 4333 999
Fax: +421 41 4333 996
Mobile phone: +421 911 431821

Bank account number: VUB a.s. Bratislava Slovensko,
IBAN: SK4802000000003758756358, BIC: SUBASKBX

1. Scope
All orders and relationships, related to e-shop of our company are connected with following terms, payments and other conditions and pacts.

2. Terms determination
Purchase agreement – is a contract between the supplier and the customer, irrespective of legal status.

Seller – supplier – is a person, who act within his line of business by making a contract and perform under the consumer contract.

Buyer – purchaser – is a natural or legal person, who act within his trading or other business activity and buy our products, resp. goods or services for purpose of his enterprising – their further sales or trading with them or their use within his business activity.

3.Purchase agreement execution
The subject matter of the purchase contract are products, resp. goods placed in e-shop, which constitute a firm offer for purchase contract execution.

Condition for the valid purchase contract execution is completed process of dispatching the order. This order can not be canceled without prior agreement with the supplier.

Purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer arises after confirmation of a goods availability and processing of the order by the seller. The seller can unilaterally cancel the order or to modify it, based on stock inventories if he informs the buyer.

How to order goods from e-shop :

The buyer chooses a product based on current offer published on the website

He confirms the selection after click on the button „Add to cart“. Costumer chooses „Shopping cart“ after finishing of shopping, controls its content and in case, that he approves with the content of the cart, he chooses the type of transport and the type of payment. He continues pressing „Order“. The next step is confirmation or edition of invoice and shipping address. The final step is to send the order. Pressing Send! is then order sent to us for processing, thereby also buyer confirms, that he is aware and agrees with terms and business conditions of the supplier.

Minimum value of order is 100,- EUR without VAT and without shipping costs!

4. Prices
Price of the goods is quoted without VAT and also with actual rate of VAT in EUR (€). Valid price for the buyer is the price, which is displayed at the time of placing the order for particular product by the buyer. The seller reserves the right to change the price at the stage of processing the order after prior notification of the buyer (e.g. in case of technical problems with E-shop etc.).

It is not possible to apply any more discounts on already discounted goods!

5. Method of payment
• Pre-payment (in case of advance invoice exposure)
You find all necessary informations for payment in advance invoice. Goods will be dispatched to you after payment of amount on advance invoice. Our bank account no.:

VUB a.s. Bratislava Slovensko,
IBAN: SK4802000000003758756358, BIC: SUBASKBX

• Paypal – invoice surcharge + 3,7 % of theorder value!
The Seller does not receive informations about your payment card via PayPal. You enter information about card only once, when you are opening your PayPal account. All your on-line purchases are then executed through „middleman“, which is the PayPal.

You enter a number of payment card on PayPal but the seller receives only the payment, not informations about the card. Anytime, you want to pay for goods or services on-line, click on the payment via PayPal and you will be redirected to Your PayPal account, where you confirm the payment and the money will be then transferred from card via PayPal to the seller. Our shop enables you to pay via PayPal:

• Bank transfer
In case of payment by bank transfer, execute a payment according to invoice to our account no:

VUB a.s. Bratislava Slovensko, IBAN: SK4802000000003758756358, BIC: SUBASKBX

6. Retention of title
The goods remain our property until full payment of the whole invoiced amount.

7. Delivery terms
The place of sending goods is determinated by the buyer when he orders goods.

For execution of the order shall be considered acceptance of goods by the buyer. Transport to the delivery address is provided by the seller through selected trasporter. Delivery with goods includes an invoice or it is sended by e-mail. Delivery of ordered goods will be carried as soon as possible according to goods availability in the stock (information on the availability of goods is always stated by a particular product in E-shop) and operational options of seller. The date of dispatching is usually within 1-30 working days after receipt of payment. Sended goods are delivered within 2-7 working days from the date of dispatching. It is possible to follow it on carrier website. You receive information about dispatching and details about shipping with numbers of packages by e-mail after dispatching it by supplier. In case of longer delivery time the seller will inform the buyer on this fact in written form or by phone.

If the goods are not through a stock, its delivery time can be extended to 14-30 days, in specific cases even longer. Hovewer customer will always be informed on this fact. If the costumer orders a commision according to individual requirements, delivery time is 1- 4 weeks from the date of placing an order.

8. Shipping costs
It is necessary to add the value of shipping costs to stated prices of the products. The shipping price depends on the weight of package and from the place of delivery and is as follows, listed without VAT:


0 - 5kg

5 - 10kg

10 - 15kg

15 - 20kg

20 - 25kg

25 - 31kg

Zone 1


14,70 €

15,70 €

16,80 €

21,00 €

24,10 €

Zone 2


26,20 €

30,40 €

33,60 €

36,70 €

40,90 €

Zone 3


31,50 €

36,70 €

38,80 €

40,90 €

42,00 €

Zone 4

40,90 €

47,20 €

49,30 €

54,60 €

59,80 €

73,50 €

Zone 1 – Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland
Zone 2 – Italy, Monaco, Denmark, France
Zone 3 - Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain
Zone 4 - Switzerland, Norway
Zone 5 - Shipping costs to other countries on request.

We send the good by shipping company DPD - Direct Parcel Distribution SK s.r.o.,Technická 7 821 04 Bratislava, phone: + 421 2 44 45 14 19, fax: + 421 2 44 44 25 56, e-mail:

9. Specific products tailored to customers requirements Specified products, which are tailor-made to customer requirements is possible to deliver after previous telephone or e-mail arrangements with the supplier. Price is determined separately before starting production. Delivery time is 1-4 weeks from the date of placing the order. Delivery time starts from the date of whole amount payment of issued pro forma invoice for goods by pre-payment. This product can not be returned after receiving by the buyer!

10. Return policy The customer is obliged to apply the claim by the supplier immediately as he finds out a fault on goods, otherwise the customer loses the right against the supplier for free defect removal. Inspect regularly the status of your training aids and do not use them further if you find any damage. This will prevent possible damage and possible injury to you and your dog.

In case of a complaint, please send us an e-mail to our adress Claim protokol

If it is not possible to assess of the eligibility of the claim from photo and description, it will be needed to send complained goods to the address:

Miroslav Gacík – MYSTIQUE s.r.o.
Štefánikova štvrť 534/16
024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto


phone:+421 41 4333 999, fax +421 41 4333 996

Your claim will be processed within statutory time limit until 30 working days.

In case of recognition of eligibility of the claim, costs associated with the replacement of the goods and transport are paid by the supplier. Otherwise, if the claim will be considered ineligible , the customer bears all the costs including transportation costs.

11. The rights and obligations of the supplier The supplier is obliged to deliver the goods based on the order confirmed by the seller to the buyer at agreed quantity, quality and time.

The seller is not responsible for:
- delayed delivery of ordered goods caused by courier company
- non-delivery of ordered goods, what happened because of producer guilt (supplier) in consequence of any restriction or revocation of distribution rights or other unpredictable obstacles

12. The rights and obligations of the customer Purchaser (or his representative specified in the order in shipping address column)is obliged to take the goods in the place, which is stated in the order. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods from courier or it will be needed to repeat delivery because of buyer´s absence at the place stated in the order, all arose costs will have to be paid by the buyer.
- to pay for ordered goods based on agreed price, which is stated on the invoice and attached to the goods or send elektronically.
- Customer is obliged to review delivery and accept only if there is no damage on outer packaging. If the packaging is damaged, you can accept the goods but it is neccessary to state reservations into transport sheet. Review the good immediately as you accept it and control inclusive of package. In case of damaged goods or incompleteness of delivery it is neccessary to report it on e-mail adress service@mystique-dummy.comthe following informations: number of invoice, number of package, photo of damaged packaging or goods and enclose an inventory of damaged goods according the reality.

13. Warranty period Warranty period for goods is 24 months and shall run from the date of the purchase contract or receipt of goods to customers. If costumer uses bought goods for business activities within training schools, dog training and so on, warranty period is 12 months.

The right for warranty and claim of goods expire in the case, that defect was arose by using goods for otherpurpose than it was intended, mechanical damage of product caused by the customer, wrong usage with product, miscommunication of apparent defects by accepting goods, using goods in conditions, that don´t suit habitat of goods by its humidity, chemical and mechanical impacts, negligence of care for goods, damaging goods by overloading or using in contrary with stated conditions in documentation, general principles, technical specifications or safety rules or other warranty breaking conditions. From warranty and rightto claim goods are also excluded mistakes caused by natural disasters andexpiration of goods warranty period.

Warranty does not refer to common depreciation of goods (or its parts) caused by using.

14. Protection of personal data of customer Information for persons concerned on the processing of personal data under EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as GDPR), Art. 13 and others. Personal information system E-shop. Operator: Miroslav Gacik - MYSTIQUE s.r.o., Štefánikova štvrť 534/16, Kysucké Nové Mesto, 024 01, ID: 46797416. Purpose of processing: Identification of customers of the e-shop for correct invoicing and correct delivery of goods. Legal basis of processing: Contract. This means that obtaining personal data is [validated] [x] by a legal requirement, [x] a contract requirement, [x] a request to conclude a contract, the person concerned is required to provide personal data. The failure to provide personal data would result in failure to fulfill the purpose of the processing. The processing of personal data is not based on GDPR Art. 6 ods. (1) f. Personal data is collected directly from the person concerned. Categories of personal data: Name, surname, address, phone, e-mail. Set of processing operations with personal data (validated): [x] retrieval, [x] recording, [x] organizing, [x] structuring, [x] retention, [x] reworking or changing, [x] ] browsing, [x] using, [] providing (disclosing, publishing, otherwise), [] regrouping or combining, [x] limiting, [x] deleting, [x] deleting. Beneficiaries or categories of recipients: None. Intermediary: Personal data are provided by the intermediary: Oľga Počová - FOTO FANTASY IČO: 43500099, DirectParcelDistribution SK s.r.o., IČO:35834498 . Other recipients (who do not process personal data): BScom s.r.o. IČO: 274 66 787, BHIT CZ s.r.o. IČO: 27719391, IT FutuRe s.r.o. IČO: 27490432, AXIS comp, s.r.o. IČO: 36389692. In the sense of GDPR, the public administration body, if it is provided with personal data, does not consider it the recipient. Transmission of personal data to a third country: Not available. Retention period of personal data: 10 years after termination of the processing, unless the registrar's order is established by the operator. Legal right of the person concerned: The person concerned has the right to require the operator to access his or her personal data, the right to rectify or erase or restrict the processing, the right to object to the processing, and the right to accuracy of personal data. The person concerned has the right to object to any automated individual decision-making as well as profiling. The person concerned has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State of his residence. In Slovakia, it is the Office for Personal Data Protection. In the cases mentioned in GDPR Art. 17 the person concerned has the right to wipe out (the right to "forgo").

The data processor does not use automated decision making. An operator does not use profiling when processing personal data

15. Communication with the buyer Preferred communication languages with the buyer is english language or eventually german language.

E-shop of our company is available in languages: Slovak, German and English.

If you have any questions you can contact us on Monday-Friday at 8AM – 4PM, on telephone number +421 41 4333 999 or mobile +421 911 431 821 or e-mail

Final provisions
Respective provision of Commercial code, The law of electronic commerce,Law on state control of the internal market in consumer protection matters, Consumer Protection Act 634/1992 Coll. as amended legal provisions. Any disputes arising from the failure of these conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial and Civil Code.
The buyer declares that he was acquainted with these terms and conditions before filling orders and that he fully agrees with them.
If you have any enquiry, contact us via the contact form or e-mail @ or you can contact us by phone on the phone numbers listed in contacts.
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